Freshwater Bay Gallery

A selection of pictures of Freshwater Bay which do not appear elsewhere. Some are of poor quality and others difficult to date, but I hope they are of interest.

Wide aerial view of Freshwater Bay

A 'wide' aerial view of Freshwater Bay, probably from the 60's. (Coastal Cards)

Freshwater Bay and Cliffs Afton Road from the downs

An undated (and difficult to date) card of Freshwater Bay from Military Road. I would guess about 1930. (Nigh)

Afton Road from the Downs, undated. (Premier)

Freshwater Bay Afton road from the Golf Links

Freshwater arched rock

Another undated card, described as Afton Road from the Golf Links.

The arch rock at low tide, postmarked 1926 but actually well before that, probably around 1910.
View across Freshwater Bay  Freshwater Bay Parade

A view from the lower cliff looking across Freshwater Bay, around 1905. (Tuck)

Described as 'Parade and Hotel, probably from around 1920. (Gubbins)

Freshwater Bay 1911

Freshwater Bay

Freshwater Bay, 1911. (Welch)

Another undated (and difficult to date) card of Freshwater Bay, I would guess from the 1950's. (Judges)

Freshwater Bay 1950's Freshwater bay boathouse

A busy day at Freshwater Bay in the 1950's. (Nigh)

A interesting picture showing from the left Fort Redoubt, the old boathouse and Freshwater Bay Hotel, undated.

Freshwater Bay Bathing Beach Freshwater Bay Caves

Freshwater Bay bathing beach, with Fort Redoubt above, probably from the 1950's. (Nigh)

A popular subject for postcards was the caves on the west side t Freshwater Bay. Now only accessible with difficulty. Card probably late 1920's. (Sweetman)

An Oilette artistic card of Freshwater Bay Freshwater Bay peace
A card from the Oilette series, dated 1904. (Tuck) A novelty card, probably from around 1920. (Keswick)

Freshwater Bay

10 May 2015